New Name

The OU-EWB society has had a name change, it’s now ‘Engineering for Humanity’.

The society was previously called ‘Engineering for Humanity’ but changed its name earlier this year when it affiliated with EWB-UK (Engineers without borders). Unfortunately EWB-UK had a volunteer work on the affiliation and the documentation was not completed correctly, recently EWB-UK have had a change in policy and staff. The new staff and new policy required the documentation be completed thoroughly and stated that this could not be done until the beginning of the academic year in September. However, after the situation was explained, including that the OU does not stop over summer, EWB-UK agreed to correct the error that day. Unfortunately, the next day an email was received which said that the affiliation could not happen until September.

Although the society respects the work of EWB-UK, the support received has been poor and the recent errors have been very difficult to overlook. Additionally the committee is concerned about the confusion that changing the society’s name now and again in September will cause and so has made the difficult decision not to seek affiliation with EWB-UK in the future.


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