What is engineering for humanity?

When you think of engineering, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it may not even be in a humanitarian context, but instead something along the lines of technology development and innovation. And whilst thats correct, engineering for humanity may often be overlooked – and that’s where this society comes in.

In this society, we’re dedicated to proving that engineering can be used to help tackle global issues. As well as the engineers out there already we believe that it can be applied to help with all the basic needs for humanity – shelter, food, water, and we’re determined to help the cause any way we can. We believe that engineers can help build the future, designing and creating solutions to the worlds problems.

At engineering for humanity, we’re open to all Open University students. So if you’re in the middle of an engineering degree or starting out on your first module, this society is open to you. Even if you’re not studying for an engineering degree, but have an interest in making a difference, then this society is for you. So why not join us today and help create a better future?

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